owner, lead planner, expert cake taster

Raina's history with event planning began from her childhood. Her whole family was in the wedding and event industry in New York, so she spent her youth working with florals, sous chef detail, assisting photographers, and designing weddings, the latter of which she so fell in love with she began her own wedding and event planning company 1996 in New York. In 2006 she and her husband

Raina's history with event planning began from her childhood. Her whole family was in the wedding and event industry in New York, so she spent her youth working with florals, sous chef detail, assisting photographers, and designing weddings, the latter of which she so fell in love with she began her own wedding and event planning in New York 1998. In 2006 she and her husband relocated bringing her unique skillset to Nashville. Her decades of experience enables her to better serve her clients throughout the planning process and especially on the day of their event.

Originally from upstate New York, she's a southern girl at heart and has never felt more at home than she does in Tennessee. She's foodie who's all about petticoats, historical trivia, being a plant mom, vintage brooches, and all things Christmas. She gets excited whenever a couple selects lemon for their wedding cake, because it's simply the zest cake ever! When she's not busy planning, she can often be found cozied up with a cookbook planning her next culinary adventure. Also, we are fairly certain that she drinks more tea than the Queen used to!

Raina has a unique ability to reduce stress for her clients and their families so they may enjoy the planning process. She's famously known for fixing problems before anyone even knows they have one.

relocated bringing her unique skillset to Nashville. Her decades of experience enables her to better serve her clients throughout the planning process and especially on the day of their event.

Originally from upstate New York, she's a southern girl at heart and has never felt more at home than she does in Tennessee. She's foodie who's all about petticoats, historical trivia, being a plant mom, vintage brooches, and all things Christmas. She gets excited whenever a couple selects lemon for their wedding cake, because it's simply the zest cake ever! When she's not busy planning, she can often be found cozied up with a cookbook planning her next culinary adventure. Also, we are fairly certain that she drinks more tea than the Queen used to!

Raina has a unique ability to reduce stress for her clients and their families so they may enjoy the planning process. She's famously known for fixing problems before anyone even knows they have one.

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Associate Team Planners


Mariah can often be found watching sports in her free time, which is rare since she is also currently in law school. Our favorite Okie, who contrary to popular belief is not actually from Muskogee. Hailing from the Cherokee tribe, Mariah was named after a song in the movie "Paint Your Wagon,". Hailing from a really large family (she's one of 24 grandkids) she is our resident expert on family dynamics and her super power is being able to shop for shoes in the kids department... size 4 for this Cinderella!


A Michigan gal through and through, she loves the changing of the seasons more than anyone we've ever met. She is the master of bringing order to chaos and is a planner in every sense of the word. She even shops for Christmas gifts all twelve months of the year! When she's not sorting, cleaning or organizing, she can often be found at her desk writing her mother's memoir or spending quality time playing with her granddaughters Amelia, who is bilingual and Iris, our little "flower" girl.


A fun and fabulous Murfreesboro native with an adventurer's spirit and a plan to see the world. Jillian is our resident greeter... your guests are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome from this sweet southern belle. We're pretty sure she's never met a stranger! Towering over the rest of the team at 5'8" her super power is definitely getting things off high shelves for all of the rest of us. We often joke she's our 'Elastic Girl' from the Incredibles.


A Tennessee native hailing from Lafayette, met Raina while she was at MTSU getting her degree in wedding and event management. These two ladies hit it off immediately and have been partnering up on weddings ever since! Maranda is truly a fun loving southern gal who can always bring a smile to your face. She has been known to commandeer the dancefloor to show your out of town guest how to properly execute a line dance or two. She uses that same precision and charm to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch!


Creating beauty wherever she goes, with a designer's eye, she makes sure that everything is always elegantly displayed. Transplanted from southern Michigan, right off of Lake Erie, this sweet gal was always meant to be a southern belle. When she's not sourcing eye catching items for clients, she can often be found at her daughters cheer competitions. We're fairly sure they get their talent and grace from their momma who was a competitive figure skater for over 13 years!


This Jersey girl has a disturbingly good memory which makes her the master of wrangling bridal parties as she never forgets a name or a face. Her laser focus can easily be derailed, however, with the promise of excellent Italian food. It's definitely her Achilles heel! When she isn't busy planning events she can often be found enjoying the great outdoors hiking, kayaking and going on nature walks with her cute kiddos. 


Brittany is the definition of sweet and sassy. She's the type of person that just brings a smile to your face the moment you see her. Hailing from Alabama, she is Auburn to the core, and can be found rooting for the Tigers while spending as much of her free time as possible with her sweet niece & nephew. We are fairly certain that her super power is the ability to get even the most stubborn of guests to smile with her southern charm and quick wit. Plus, she's a beverage connoisseur! From cocktails, coffee or tea... we are pretty sure that she's got caffeine flowing through her veins... whether its a coffee bean or grape varietal.


Missy, a Murfreesboro native who loves nothing more than watching baseball and playing board games is also a master game creator herself which is why she's one of the most fun members of our team! She always wanted to be a sports announcer for the MLB doing color commentary as well as play-by-plays however, we are grateful she has put her other skill set to use...creating unique experiences for party goers and non-profits alike. If you've heard of the Clue Party...that is her fabulous creation! In addition to being the mastermind of scavenger hunt games, don't ever challenge her to a competition of Name That Tune...she is sure to win, guessing popular songs with just a few opening notes!


Transplanted from the tropical vibes of Miami, Cat can't get enough of the amazing food and southern charm here in Nashville! When she's not planning or accessorizing parties (she makes the cutest party props!!), she can often be found touring the many murals of Middle Tennessee or dancing off all her energy by taking hip hop classes. We are fairly certain that her super power is making parody music videos, however! She can always be found singing her own funny lyrics to everyone's favorite songs keeping us all laughing.


This fun loving Florida gal who also played in the school's drum line is the master of keeping unruly bridal parties in line, but watch out... she's also a 2nd degree black belt, so she'll keep those rowdy groomsmen! When she isn't planning weddings this artist of many talents can often be found concocting delicious new recipes or painting wonderful whimsical scenes, which is why we always consult her on the visual design for our beautiful events. 


Lyanne can often be found getting zen in some super challenging yoga pose, rocking out to her favorite tunes or jet setting around the world for modeling jobs when she is not wedding planning. Originally from California, but raised in Mexico, being bilingual she is our secret weapon! Hailing from a really large family of over 25 aunts and uncles (which means over 50 cousins!!) She is certainly not scared off by large scale events. The bigger the celebration the better! And if you need a taste tester for your catering selections, she's your gal...being a bit of a kitchen ninja herself, she loves to cook. We love it when she makes orange chicken over white rice, but her specialty is chicken tinga. And believe us, it's fantastic!!


Transplanted from southern Wisconsin, not far from Milwaukee, this military wife has certainly seen a lot of the country, but nowhere else captured her heart like the heart of Tennessee. Entering the event world through the kitchen, this trained sous chef quickly found that being a chaos coordinator is where her passion truly lies. When she's not 'keeping calm and carrying on,' she can be found, cheese hat in place, cheering for her Green Bay Packers while snuggling her rescue pups. Our favorite thing about Ashley, however, is when she sings while setting up at events. Betcha didn't know she is also a classically trained opera singer!! Hearing her is a real treat!


A Gryffindor from Florida, Amanda truly lives up the characteristics of her house. When she isn't busy in the wizarding world of weddings, she can be found letting her imagination go wild. WE have yet to meet a craftier person, whether its creating beautiful drawing, sewing a new cosplay outfit or knitting something for someone she loves. She is an incredible seamstress. She even made her sister’s wedding dress, but don't let that fool you, it's not just sewing that she's all about. She is a crafty-needling-scissor-wielding Ninja! If you can think of a craft, we can guarantee that she's mastered it They are like Pokémon, after all...she's gotta catch’em all!


A local gal from Columbia, Tennessee, born with a wanderer's heart, she ventures from city to country and has some fabulous stories to tell. Having visited seven countries (so far)...she can relay her adventures in one of four languages. She is fluent in French, Spanish, Bulgarian and English. Recently returned from a year teaching English abroad after being awarded the Fulbright Scholarship, Casey seems to always be up for a linguistical challenge. In addition to languages, we are also fairly certain she knows the words to every song ever written. Seriously!! We've tried to stump her and just can't!


A local gal from Franklin, Angela is our go-to gal for keeping those wedding day nerves at bay. She is a pro at keeping brides, grooms and moms alike all calm and happy so that they can enjoy the day. She has always had a passion for weddings. Even as a child she would draw and sketch a variety of wedding dress designs for brides, bridesmaids and their mothers. While she opted to become a nurse instead, she still does enjoy sketching and drawing in her free time. She's the team's "momma bear" who makes sure that everyone around her is well cared for. We would be lost without her. She is truly an angel!


From the coastal climes of North Carolina, this sweet southern belle moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and fell in love with Tennessee, but still has an adventurous heart who loves to travel. Her favorite destination to date has been Australia.We secretly believe that she is actually a Disney princess, incognito, of course. We've never met a bigger Disney fanatic than Rachel...pretty sure she could sing and dance every part of every film they have ever released!


A Rocky Top native, this Knoxville gal can often be found snuggling with her cat watching a movie with her husband in her free time. She is passionate about her community and volunteers for many outreach programs, so you may recognize her when you see her at your next event. She also is a player at JoyBridge Kids working with children struggling with autism. She is the super personable, yet laser focused planner on our team taking in all the little details. And speaking of little details, she secretly loves miniatures. If you want to really get her excited, ask her about Mini Brands Collections. We hear she has a whole collection of her own!


This Florida gal has a smile like sunshine... it’s simply contagious! She feels most at home surrounded by nature. When not planning weddings, she is often on an adventure. She is looking for new and interesting hiking trails where she can detour off to go white water rafting or spend a relaxing day on her kayak. This explorer always ends her travels with a big bowl of ice cream…rocky road, anyone?? She hopes to someday drive cross country in search of new and exciting flavors, but in the meantime we all depend on her to keep things serene. Whether you’re a small child or your inner child simply needs a little love. This amazing pediatric nurse is the master of calming fears. Just talking to her for a moment eases tension levels, she’s our secret weapon!


Our Georgia peach, Gabi, is one of the most organized people we know...which is saying something in a team full of professional planners. This detail oriented storyteller is a great person to have on hand. She is a pro at wrangling bridesmaids and groomsmen. She manages to draw them in, talking about video games or her art. She has a line of designs ready to be put onto shirts and jackets or even customizable pieces for your wedding. When she's not hard at work putting her everything into planning she can often be found goofing off with her two sisters, who are also her best friends. 

Our job application is available to be filled out on desktop only. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions

our sole focus is on you and planning your event.

while we are more than happy to help you source rentals, we ourselves do not have any to rent.

Trust us though, we have countless trusted rental companies who we have had personal experience with and can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for your event design.

do you own rentals?

One of the things our clients love about booking with us is access to our exclusive curated vendor list. we have researched and worked with some of the best wedding vendors in the greater nashville area and are happy to provide our list of recommendations once you have booked your event with us.

if you are in the research phase of planning and are not ready to hire a professional planner, then google is a great resource. do some research, read reviews, and schedule some meetings to find the right vendor for you. just remember, if you ever get overwhelmed, we are happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss what services we can help you with.

Can you provide me with a vendor recommendation?

We are happy to help you plan all events of any size.


do you only plan weddings?

paper payment options include cash, cashiers checks, money orders and checks. payment should be made out to weddings and events by raina, LLC and mailed to 107 W Lytle St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

digital payment options include credit card, venmo and paypal.

what methods of payment do you accept?

to retain our services for planning your event we require a signed contract and a 30% retainer.

how do i book your services?

The number of our team members on site for your event day varies based on your planning package and the number of guests attending.

we ensure that our team members are professional planners who have trained with weddings & events by raina and have experience in the event industry, they are not only assistants. They are professional event planners.

how many staff will you have?

after decades of experience, we know what services our clients need to have confidence in their events and for them to have the best planning experience.

in such, we have curated each of our event planning packages to reflect those needs so you should not need to have any further customization requests. if you have additional events surrounding your main event we are happy to add more planning services onto a package.

Do you customize packages?

absolutely! we are more than happy to set up a consultation time to chat with you and answer any questions.

if you have a busy schedule or are not local, we are available to video chat or discuss your event planning needs on the phone.

can i meet with you before we hire you?

We provide you with vendor recommendations based on what you are looking for, your budget, and which professionals we think would be the best fit for you. 

However, you are not required to only use vendors we recommend. 

do we have to use your vendors?

Weddings often come with other smaller gatherings the week of or month of the wedding. it is common for us to plan rehearsal dinners, welcoming brunches, bridal showers, and other such events.

some of our planning packages already include this service within them, but you can also add on this event planning coverage a la carte by letting us know you need help - after all, that's what we're here for!

can you help us with other events near our date?

we require a cancellation contract in writing. please refer to your contract for specifics or contact us with any questions.

All postponements must be made in writing and require a new contract. this may incur a date change fee of $300 or more.

what are your cancellation and rescheduling policies?

final payment is due 30 days prior to your event.

when is my final payment due?

no, we do not require a minimum event budget to hire our services.

do you have a minimum?

We are happy to offer a military discount to active and retired military. we also offer a discount for police and firefighters.

This discount is only available to the contracted clients or their parents/guardian.

do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy which we are happy to provide upon request to your selected venue.A one time fee of $30 will be applied to your final invoice if your selected venue requires an additional policy naming them as an additional insured. This does not take place of "day-of" event insurance required by some venues.

do you carry insurance?

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