Aziz & Kayla’s Country Club Wedding

Kayla and Aziz’s beautiful spring wedding was a stunning celebration of love and fellowship at the Stones River Country Club.

July 26, 2023

Do Not DIY This For Your Wedding

You want your DIY wedding to showcase your personalities and style. But what should you craft yourselves and what should you leave to the pros?

December 21, 2022

The First Look: Pros + Cons. Deciding What’s Right For You

oing to do a first look at your wedding is a big factor. This will determine how the rest of the day will proceed with everything from traditions to timelines. We are sharing our top pros and cons to the first look. We want to know which you decide will work best for YOU!

December 29, 2021

Wedding Photography: How Much Coverage Do I Need?

So you’ve been on the lookout for a wedding photographer and you’ve found the perfect match.

Now you’re probably wondering how much wedding day photography coverage is right for you. While that answer varies for everyone, most photographers will outline a few different package options for you to consider. Make the most informed decision before finalizing a contract. It can feel daunting to have to make this choice. What if you make the wrong one and miss out on the perfect photo? No stress here!

December 22, 2021

Debunking 9 Common Wedding Cost Saving Myths

MYTH #1 Things cost more because they have the word “Wedding” in them. While it may seem this way when looking at things from a non-industry perspective, I can honestly tell you it’s not because the word “wedding” is involved. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that in some cases there is a […]

July 22, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Your Photographer a Shot List

If you’ve never hired a professional photographer before you may feel inclined to provide them with a wedding photo list, often sourced from Pinterest or Google, in advance of your wedding. We understand the desire to do this, however, we have 5 important reasons why you shouldn’t ever do this. Mahlia Dooley – Ivory Door […]

July 1, 2020

Live Streaming Your Wedding Ceremony

There are many reasons why some of your nearest and dearest may not be able to attend in person when you wed. Prior to COVID-19, most often we saw this occurrence with family in the military, with loved ones who were either sick or too frail to travel, those living across oceans or even casual […]

May 6, 2020

How to Look Good in Wedding Photos

Pro Tip #1 When it comes to your makeup, keep it simple. You don’t want to look too drastically different on your wedding day. The best bridal makeup is about being the most beautiful version of yourself. In other words, if you generally just wear a light foundation and lipstick, then your wedding day is […]

August 28, 2019

Everybody UNPLUG! Unplugged weddings and why you want one.

Hey party people! We know that you are obsessed with the instant access to everything you get by always having your device by your side. You may even be wondering why a couple would want to have an unplugged ceremony, right? Well here are our top 3 reasons, and once you read them, we hope […]

May 1, 2019

Tips for Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tips for Tipping Wedding Vendors Often couples are not sure who or how to tip when it comes to tipping wedding vendors. The short answer to this controversial stressful question is basically everyone. Or everyone who goes above and beyond for you. Also, no tip jars please. If you are hosting a party your guests […]

April 13, 2017

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